About us

Kristina Rakuša Law Office, since it was established in 2007, has been providing both Croatian and international clients with the highest level of legal support in different areas of law.
Fundamental principles that we abide when providing our clients with legal services are: provision of the legal support and legal services of a high quality, trust, complaisance, dynamism, efficiency and recognition of the requirements and expectations of the clients, which allow us to offer our clients with the optimum solutions to their legal issues.


All members of our expert team have excellent knowledge of English language and therefore use English in every day communication as well as in written correspondence.
In addition to their dedicated work, members of our team continuously develop their professional skills and knowledge through participation at legal seminars and conferences, as well as by monitoring the changes in the professional legal literature.
Years of experience working in all areas of law enable us to devote equal attention to both the regular day-to-day legal support to our clients, as well as to solving the most sophisticated legal issues, taking into consider at the same the professional relationship with our clients and especially the mutual trust.


Kristina Rakuša Law Office is continuously striving to be a proper partner and reliable legal adviser that is constantly at the disposal of the clients with a primary goal – success and satisfaction of our clients.

Kristina Rakuša

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